by Tanakh

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released July 7, 2017

Tanakh is:

Nick Murphy
Michael Iverson

All songs written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tanakh



all rights reserved


Tanakh Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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Track Name: Tempered Glass
Sing for me
I wanna hear the hymns you throat
Exemplify this sonic hope
Perfect pitch with every note
I know your voice is worn
Be it so, still emote
Perfect pitch

Unbeknownst our beings cry
To lust upon the stars they shine
For they burn the same inside
Elevated state of mind
Gaze upon the landscapes eye
Wrapped inside its grand design
In that thought there is no life, there is no death
Now here, reside.

Lie to me
I detest, the truths unfold
Brought to light the futures scope
Shaky pitch with every note
Battered beauty
I know you wish us cold
Test of time, resilience holds
Shaky pitch with every note
Track Name: Preta Carnate
Pile worthless things with stick figure limbs
Lurk with ghastly fiends combing for a fix
With limping unrestraint come back from the grave
To gnash until nil remains with mouth full of flames

Preta carnate
Fuel machines of hate, with karmic disarray

Unwelcome we outstay, incessantly partake
We covet clever kings who hold the biggest shield
We lust for comely queens within decorous zeal
Swim in fragrant swill to hide the fecal stank
Falsely live of gods intent to revenate
Those unclean imbibe with the obscene
Reanimated ghosts feeding off the host
Determinately damned, moon burns sunken hands
Solar frosts when warmth demands
The need forever programmed
Track Name: No Goodbyes
I know you can read it in my eyes
Idle conversation
I know you can reach beyond this height
Clouded information
There’s a place where fears go to die
Many years you’ve waited
Unchain the legs that hold you tight
To the skies, they get no goodbyes
Dont you look back
Track Name: Space Case
The voice in my head is my own
Always a negative tone
Trying to keep me at home
Wish i’d just leave me alone
Track Name: Snake Charmer
Cathartic piece, for you I paint
Catatonic pace, rode neon waves
Explicit light display, I gravitate
Carbon cluttered Maze, I isolate

Lucid Daze
The dark keeps hitting hard in waves
Through jaundice haze
Sunny days are grey
Angel grace
So undeserving your embracing
Somehow unfazed
Pure still, tangled in the snake

Basket case
So hell i raised
Can’t assimilate, your grasp on me
Death is reaching out, still you hold me
I will kill death for you to live eternally

Eyes are blank
Shedding of skin
Each day a new version within
Track Name: Chameleonic
Shifting shades
To match appointed grays
Old world meets new world
Dead scales disintegrate

Dragging weights
To heed their snail like pace
What then this feeling?
This pandering is draining me
Chameleonic breaking form to placate
Breaking form
Soul dissipates, chilling haste
Track Name: Geneticide
Cells are forming
Overtake a sturdy tree
Leaves are turning
And wilting underneath
Cold reminder
Fragility and me

Garbage slugs inhabit cavities
Bad blood typography
Baton is passed
Yours at last
Now suffer with me
Winds whisper unpleasantries
Calling out to me
Throat knotting
Contempt filling
The tainted seedling

Cells are forming. (But if the shoe fits?)
Overtake a sturdy tree (So it shall be?)
Leaves are turning (But if the shoe fits?)
And wilting underneath (So it shall be)

All is well and right tonight my friend
Sit and drink with me
Steady upward
Keep on laughing
This life expectancy
See the stars are shining bright again?
Come and look with me
Ever glowing
Forever there
And that's where I'll be
Track Name: Leadbased
Exist out of the warmth
Dwell under the rain
At the bottom of this lake lies pain and agony
Power through the storm
Saw against the grain
On the surface of the lake there’s beauty gleaming